Sabah (used to call as North Borneo) is state of Malaysia. It is being conflict between the government of Malaysia and the legal heir of Kesultanan Sulu. The loyalist Kesultanan Sulu moved to Sabah as their claimed of this state. Malaysian government responded by sending military forces. It has killed 2 Malaysian polices and 12 loyalists of Kesultanan Sulu.

Based on the history, Sabah was part of Kesultanan Sulu given by Sultan of Brunei Darusallam. It was gift from Sultan as their contribution in the completion of civil war in 1658. Since then, North Kalimantan (Sabah) belongs to Kesultanan Sulu.

In 1761, Sultan Sulu loaned Sabah to one of British company, British East India Company led by Alexander Dalrymple. The company needed Sabah as their trading post in Southeast Asia. As this agreement, the company must paid for rent and provided weapon for Kesultanan Sulu army. At this time, Kesultanan Sulu struggled by Spain conquest.

Kesultanan Brunei has delivered the west coast of Kalimantan to Great Britain in 1846. The right lease of Sabah was owned by British North Borneo Company. In 1885, British Kingdom, Spanyol and Germany signed Madrid Protocol in which acknowledge the owner of Sulu by Spain. As in draft of this protocol, Spain must gave Sabah to British Kingdom.

After the World War 2, British Kingdom didn't give Sabah to Kesultanan Sulu. On the contrary, British Kingdom held plebiscite of Sulu establishment. For that, Sabah, Malay, Sarawak and Singapore formed Malaysia Federation in 16 September 1963.

The claim of Sabah by legal heir of Kesultanan Sulu not only in tenancy agreement but also on the High Court of West Borneo decision in 1939. They approved the claim upon Sabah by legal heir of Kesultanan Sulu.

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jolabu said... Reply Comment

the hard part is to abandon any current understanding, in order to accept what we are reading about. Firtly, abandon all your current thoughts. Now, listen... why malaysia and sulu fighting? because of a piece of land call sabah. Long time ago, sabah is in the state of sulu empire. After they have defeated in war, their land had been saperated by the colonial, for political reason. Now sabah is in malaysia. How can the sulu, after so many years unpresent in sabah, suddenly come to sabah, to claim their land? what is the reason. immagine, your great grand father, built Taj Mahal. You are not in India for so many generations. Now Taj Mahal is occupied by somebody. suddently you come to taj mahal and asked the new owner to go out, because you wanted to stay inside? is this logic? So, sulu can't claim on sabah... please. Even now, sultan sulu is the citizen of filipine. in any county in this world, king is the ruler, people who stayed inside the country is concider the citizen of the king. sulu wanted to claim back sabah, is funny.

Edy Susanto said... Reply Comment

Thanks for your comment Jolabu. I think you also interested in this problem. As I wrote in this article, I want everyone to look back what happened in the past. Everyone has their own right to know the truth.
Conflict that happen at this time must be solve by both of side. So, this conflict doesn't become worst. We can't look just from one side, it makes us blind. Both of Kesultanan Sulu and Malaysia need the third party to help them. The third party should know clearly the source of problem and the important thing is they aren't ignore the truth. Thank you.

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